Cooking chocolate black and white. Packaging 10kg

Whipped cream

Biscuit petit beurre. Packaging 10kg

Margarine square

Confectionery margarine

Turkish delight half -baked Packaging 6kg./7kg

Turkish delight Packaging 3kg

Palm grease

Palm Oil

Instant skimmed milk powder packaging 25kg

Skimmed milk powder packaging 25kg

Full-skimmed milk powder packaging 25kg

Realmilk milk with vegetable fat packaging 25kg

Sweet whey powder packaging 25kg

Whey permeate powder packaging 25kg

Whey protein 80 % concentrate powder packaging 25kg

Milk protein concentrate MPC50%

Milk protein concentrate MPC85%

Egg powder, whole egg and yolk packaging 25kg

Cow butter, block packaging 10kg/ 25kg

Dextrose packaging 25kg

Glucose syrup packaging 25kg/180kg/300kg

Glucose fructose syrup packaging 25kg/180kg/300kg

Natural cornstarch packaging 25kg

Heated modified cornstarch packaging 25kg

Oat flakes packaging 12кg/15kg